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Tax Relief Update from ACM President Rich Jaranson

01 May 2019 09:16 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


Rich Jaranson, President of Allied Charities. I am writing to you today to convey the urgency and importance of you contacting Governor Walz and your legislators regarding tax relief for licensed gaming charities.

Tax relief for us, by proposing to lower the combined receipt rates to 8/16/24/32%, was passed out of the Senate Tax committee last Thursday, April 26. The Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Cynthia Bauerly, testified at the committee hearing that the administration was not in favor of tax relief for us.

The Senate Omnibus Tax bill was sent to the full Senate for a vote, where it passed on April 30. As the House and Senate bills are different, there will now be a conference committee with the goal of coming to consensus on one bill that if passed by both bodies would go to the Governor for his signature.

The House and Senate bills are roughly $2 billion dollars apart on a two year budget of just under $50 billion dollars. That will mean compromise by both bodies if there is to be an agreement. If there is an agreement many of the provisions in both bills as initially passed by their respective bodies will not be there at the end.

Our portion of the Senate bill represents .0004% of the overall two year budget. We are on pace to pay in $95 million this fiscal year. That is $27 million more than is needed to pay our general fund tab ($36.9 million) and the stadium tab ($31 million).

If our sales grow by 11% next year (they have grown by more than that the last several years) there will be no negative impact on either the general fund or the stadium fund by providing the proposed relief to us.

This tax relief would benefit every charity that conducts licensed gaming. All of us need to be involved in making this happen.

We need to tell our legislators and the Governor that what we do is important and if we are no longer in the picture that it will be up to the state to fill the gaps that will be upwards of $500 million per year.

This legislative session is due to end at midnight on May 20, a mere 20 days away. Time is of the essence in this matter.

If we do not attain tax relief this year it will be even more difficult to get it next year as the second year of a biennium is not normally a tax bill year.

We will share in the blame if we do not get tax relief. If every member of every organization contacted the Governor and their two legislators in regards to tax relief for us, we would get our tax relief.


Rich Jaranson – President Allied Charities of Minnesota

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