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  • 26 Feb 2018 10:10 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    Hearing has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 1 at 1 pm in room 1200 of the Senate Office Building.

  • 16 Feb 2018 08:47 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


    Attached find a legislative update, a comparison of electronic and paper pull tabs and two pages from the January – March 2018 issue of the Proof magazine, a publication of Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA).

    The pages from the Proof are examples of what I mean when I say that we have lost sight of what charitable gaming is supposed to be about and how we have now lost control of it as well.  There is no mention that a bar needs a charity in order to conduct charitable gaming.  The charity is no longer in the equation.  It is about making revenue for the state and for profit companies.  We now have bars collecting $16,800 monthly rent checks.  That is the equivalent of $200,000 per year off of charitable gaming.  If that does not cause you to sit up and take notice, I am not sure what will.  We are supposed to be here to help those in need, those that are less fortunate than ourselves. 



  • 26 Jan 2018 13:16 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    Please see the attached.  It is template that you can use for communicating with groups that are asking you for donations.  There is a template for when you cannot fund the request, reduce the amount requested and fund the request.

    It is meant to be a template.  Feel free to customize to your specific situation.  One of these should be going out with every donation request you receive.

    Getting the groups and folks that benefit from our donations to help us with our goal of staying viable and relevant in our communities is important.

    Dear Donation Request 01262018.docx

  • 25 Jan 2018 10:23 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


    All legislators have been invited to attend on Monday, March 19 from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.  Send a personal invitation to you Representative and Senator, even if you cannot personally attend.  Getting an invite from a constituent is far more important than one from ACM.

  • 12 Jan 2018 13:08 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


    You and your organization should read and be familiar with this publication.  ACM Attorney Mary Magnuson brought this to my attention.

  • 12 Jan 2018 08:20 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    2018 Legislative Agenda:

    Donations exempt from gambling tax.  HF226/SF419 is in bill form and ready for the tax committees.  Rationale: We can find no entity that does not receive some tax benefit from making donations.

    Sales tax exemption.  No sales tax on paper games/electronic leases/electronic revenue share.  Rationale: Gambling tax is in lieu of all other taxes.

    External audit clarification.  External audits are currently required of non-profit organizations with more than $750,000 in gross receipts in a fiscal year, which for us means sales.  Our $750,000 would become sales minus prizes.  Those organizations that meet or exceed $750,000 of sales minus prizes in a fiscal year that use a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to prepare all of their monthly gambling returns in a fiscal year would also be exempt.  Rationale: Prizes are not something that we can decide to pay or not pay.  To not pay even a two dollar playback will put you out of business.  Holding us responsible for 85% of what we take in that we then return to our patrons, which never hits our bank, is wrong.   We cannot use prizes to pay expenses, taxes/fees or donations.  Having a CPA review your business twelve times a year is better than once a year.

    Study/Commission of the state gambling tax.  To be comprised of two Representatives, two Senators, a Governor Appointee and 3 to 4 Charity Representatives.  Report would be due back to the legislature prior to the February 2019 forecast.  Rationale: There needs to be a complete review of how the current tax structure is impacting our ability to serve our communities and missions. 

    Approval of an electronic table for electronic tri-wheel.  Electronic tri-wheel was approved in the 2012 stadium legislation.  An electronic table is needed to complete the package.  To be taxed at the 8.5% rate.  Rationale:  An electronic tri-wheel and table would give us the ability to increase our mission dollars.   This is an evolution, not a revolution.  We need to use technology where it makes sense for us.

    Reduction in storage of paper games from 3 ½ years to 2 years.  Storage is an ever increasing burden on the organization.  Reducing the look back time will not compromise compliance reviews or revenue audits.  Rationale:  We are always being called on to reduce our expenses in lieu of tax relief.  Reducing this particular expense is a vehicle for getting more funds to our communities and missions.

    As it stands right now, all of these will be stand alone bills.  We are looking for authors/champions for the reduction in storage bill.  If you have a relationship with legislators and want this to pass please contact me for next steps.  As these bills get numbers we will be asking you to contact your legislators to ask them to sign onto and support these bills.  Every one of these bills will have opposition of some kind that prefers the status quo.  Without your and their support we will not get any of these bills passed. 


  • 21 Dec 2017 17:09 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    A quick note to let you know that the 2017 edition of the Lawful Gambling Manual (also known as the Gambling Manager’s Handbook) is still available from Minnesota’s Bookstore.  Also available from Minnesota’s Bookstore are the 2016 editions of the Gambling Laws and Gambling Rules. 


    Here are links to all three books from our web site if you’d like to order them on line:   

    If you’d prefer to order over the phone with a credit card, feel free to give the bookstore a call at 651.297.3000 (metro) or 1.800.657.3757 (nationwide). Phone hours are 8 am – 4 pmMonday –Friday.

  • 19 Dec 2017 15:13 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    2017 UBIT form changes

    We made changes to the 2017 Unrelated Business Income Tax return (Form M4NP). Some important changes include:

    • Line 1
      • Now states “Federal taxable income before Minnesota subtractions (from federal Form 990-T, line 34: 1120-C, line 27; 1120-H line 19; 1120-POL, line 19).”
      • Previously, line 1 stated “Federal taxable income before net operating loss and specific deduction (from federal forms 990-T, line 30; 1120-C, line 25a; 1120-H, line 17; 1120-POL, line 17c).”
    • Line 5
      • Now states “Total deductions from taxable net income (from M4NPI, line 2).” Before, this information was requested on line 7.
      • Previously, line 5 stated “Minnesota net operating loss deduction (from NOL).”

    What do these changes mean for me?

    • Depending on which federal form you file, the line from your federal form takes into account net operating loss, and special or specific deductions.
      • For example, if you file federal Form 990-T, report the amount from line 34 of Form 990-T on your Minnesota Form M4NP line 1 (instead of line 30). Line 34 from Federal Form 990-T is the total amount of unrelated business taxable income after any applicable net operating loss or specific deductions are applied.
    • Unrelated business income taxpayers are no longer required to maintain a separate net operating loss schedules for Minnesota purposes.
    • Minnesota allows net operating losses to be carried back two years and carried forward 20 years for UBIT.
    • Taxpayers may waive the carryback period by filing a separate statement with their federal tax return, declining to use the carryback. This election is permanent, and the taxpayer must file the statement by the due date of the return.

    Where can I get more information?

    For detailed information on other changes and instructions for completing Minnesota Form M4NPsee Minnesota Unrelated Business Income Tax Instructions.

  • 19 Dec 2017 15:08 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    Minimum-wage rate adjusted for inflation as of Jan. 1, 2018. Minnesota's minimum-wage rates will be adjusted for inflation beginning Jan. 1, 2018, to $9.65 an hour for large employers and $7.87 an hour for other state minimum wages.

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