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  • 17 Aug 2015 15:04 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    Change on Form G1 and Schedule A Line Order

    The Minnesota Department of Revenue recently revised the Lawful Gambling Monthly Tax Return (Form G1). The Gambling Control Board (GCB) also made changes to its Receipts and Expenses by Site (Form LG100A).

    Due to these changes, the lines on Form LG100A no longer are in the same order as Form G1.  

    When you report your lawful gambling activity on the tax return (Form G1), please verify that you report each form of gambling on the correct line.

    Lawful Purpose Expenditures

    Remember that you cannot include lawful gambling taxes paid on Form G1, line 21.


    If you have questions, contact the Lawful Gambling Tax Unit at 651-297-1772

  • 08 Aug 2015 07:34 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    If you have the time read the article about skill based slot machines.  This is what some are saying is the future of gaming, especially for younger demographics.  Skill based slots resemble the games that they all have grown up playing.  

    The interesting thing to me is that skill based removes the element of chance and therefore it can be argued that it is no longer gambling even though there will be winners and losers of actual money.  What may this come to mean for those of us in charitable gaming in Minnesota?

    These have a ways to go before they hit the floor in Vegas, but it will be something to follow.  

    I share articles like these from time to time.  I do that because it is my belief that to ignore what goes on in the rest of the gaming world can have dire consequences for our charitable world in the long run.  

  • 08 Aug 2015 07:24 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    The website will no longer be updated.

    ACM website has returned to:

  • 03 Aug 2015 16:04 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    Please see the link to the article.

    I have submitted the following rebuttle:

    The article on charitable gaming in the 7/30 edition of the Chisago County Press was welcomed in helping to explain charitable gaming to the general public.

    I do need to take issue with two of the comments at the end of article in regards to overhead and taxes.  The percentage figures quoted in regards to taxes (3.5%) and expenses (9%) are if we actually had $1.4 billion at our disposal to pay taxes and expenses.  The reality is that since we return 83% ($1.162 billion) of the $1.4 billion to players in our communities in the form of prizes, we have roughly $238 million at our disposal with which to pay expenses, taxes and contribute to our chosen missions. 

    Charities get to deduct nothing prior to calculating our state tax liability; on average we pay 20% to the state for every dollar that we get to put in the bank (36% is our top rate).  This translates into almost $48 million in taxes to the state of MN this past year.   Chisago City Fire Relief is paying state taxes on the money that it uses to buy lifesaving equipment for the citizens of Chisago City. 

    Overhead for charitable organizations averages just over 50% of the total money deposited, roughly $119 million.

    That leaves charitable organizations with $71 million for our missions.  Not a small number by any means, but one that could be much greater if the state were not taking such a large cut of the proceeds meant to benefit our local communities.

  • 30 Jul 2015 13:42 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    Changes on Lawful Gambling Tax Returns

    Refundable Combined Net Receipts Tax Credit and Reporting of Electronic Pull-tabs

    The Minnesota Department of Revenue has revised the Lawful Gambling Monthly Tax Return (Form G1) and Combined Net Receipts Tax (Worksheet E) to clarify how you report the refundable combined net receipts tax credit and electronic pull-tabs.


    What changed?

    If the combined net receipts tax due on Worksheet E, line 11, is positive, you’ll enter the amount on Form G1, line 11. If it’s negative, you’ll enter the amount on Form G1, line 18, and you may be entitled to the refund.

    If you play electronic pull-tabs, you’ll report the activity only on Form G1, line 9. The games are no longer required to be reported on the Report of Barcoded Games (Schedule B2).

    We've also revised the Schedule B2. We removed all language regarding electronic pull-tabs.

    For more information about these changes, see the Minnesota Lawful Gambling Instructions(revised July 2015).

    Monthly regulatory fee increase

    Minnesota Statute 349.16, subd. 6a, was recently amended to increase the monthly regulatory fee (reported on Form G1) from 0.1 percent to 0.125 percent. This is effective July 1, 2015. See the law, Chapter 77, article 2, section 71.

    Revised Forms

    Please use the revised Form G1Schedule B2 and Worksheet E when you file the July 2015 period (due August 20). If you use our import template to file electronically in e-Services, please see our Filing Electronically webpage for the 2015 Excel template and updated rules.

    Save and Finish Later

    If you file Lawful Gambling Tax returns electronically in e-Services, the new “Save and Finish Later” function is available to you. That means you can start a return, save it–even if it’s only partially completed–and come back to finish it within 14 days. Previously, you had to complete and submit it at the same time.

    How does it work?

    Click on the “Save and Finish Later” button to save the return or request. This button will appear on the screen of any process that you can save.

    A confirmation screen will open with instructions on how to complete the process when you’re ready.

    Note: If you use this function, you have a 14-day window. When you go back into the return or request, you reset the 14-day period. If you do not go back into your return or request within 14 days, it will expire. The information you entered will be gone and you’ll have to start over.

    How do you complete your saved return?

    When you’re ready to complete your return:

    1. Log in to e-Services.

    2. Click on History.

    3. Click on the Confirmation Number link for that return.

    4. Click on Change.

    5. Finish and submit your request


    If you have questions, contact the Lawful Gambling Tax Unit at 651-297-1772

  • 30 Jul 2015 07:49 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    We asked the MN Department of Labor and Industry on whether charitable gaming organizations are to use sales or sales minus prizes as the measure of whether you are considered a large organization (greater than $500,000 in sales annually) or small organization (less than $500,000 in sales annually) in regards to which hourly wage you should be paying come August 1.

    The state has now said that our sales are the measure to be used for determining our size and not sales minus prizes as the Federal Government uses on our 990T.

    I personally believe that holding us accountable for 83% of the money that we never get to use to pay bills or taxes is wrong (to say the least).  A charity with sales of $500,000 will have banked as little as $85,000 in a year, hardly my definition of a large business.  

    It will be my recommendation to the board that we seek membership approval at the annual meeting in November at the convention/expo for a statute change that clearly states that sales minus prizes is the measure of the size of our organizations, not sales.

    If you believe the same as I, please attend the convention/expo to ask that we seek this change.

  • 21 Jul 2015 14:26 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    Check it out.

  • 10 Jul 2015 12:44 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

    A reminder that the 2014 edition of the Gambling Laws is still available from Minnesota’s Bookstore – here’s the link to it from our web site:

    Other related products also available include:

    2014 Gambling Rules:

    I you’d prefer to order over the phone with a credit card, feel free to give the bookstore a call at 651.297.3000 (metro) or 1.800.657.3757(nationwide).


    Thanks again for your interest in Minnesota’s Bookstore.

    Mary K. Mikes, Manager
    Department of Administration
    Plant Management Division:
       Minnesota's Bookstore, State Register, Central Mail
    Phone: 651.297.3979 Fax: 651.215.5733 

    Follow us on Twitter:

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