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GCB Update on posting of individual Org. FY numbers

05 Dec 2020 08:05 | Rachel Jenner (Administrator)


Pete Williams from the Backus American Legion had contacted his State Representative Sandy Layman. Please see her response below.

Thank you to Pete and to all who contacted their state legislators.



“The GCB recently posted the FY 2020 Annual Report on its website. Here’s the link:


What is noticeable to the public is that the GCB has included more detail than ever before in terms of profitability analysis and use of funds in this Report. Engaged gambling managers should find lots of new, useful information disseminated in this report. Detailed statewide information is available in the agency’s annual report.  These numbers can be used by organizations to compare themselves with the statewide averages for different types of operations.


In terms of not posting each individual organization’s data, to date this has not been an immediate agency priority, as the purpose of this data is posted to reflect organizations’ ability to meet the annual statutory Star Rating requirement (use of profits for lawful purposes). You may recall during the 2020 First Special Session, the Board proposed and the Legislature approved pandemic relief measures based on industry input. This resulted in the Statutory requirement being waived.  The reported numbers are only based on income and expenditures through June 30, 2020.  Loans, cash banks, inventory, federal aid, and other factors caused organizations reported income and expenditures as of June 30 to not accurately reflect a gambling operation’s overall health or efficiency.


Now that the Annual Report to the Governor and Legislature has been posted, the Board can prioritize other issues. Posting the individual numbers with the caveat to explain the waiver and the lack of meaningful results can occur. We endeavor to accomplish this within the next 2 weeks. In the meantime, data requests for information and communicating with assigned staff to obtain statistics free of charge remain as methods available to organizations.”


As noted in the final paragraph, the Board plans to issue the individualized reporting you are seeking.


Best regards, 



Sandy Layman

State Representative District 5B


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