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Gambling Control Update Dated November 30, 2020 + OND Gambling News attached

01 Dec 2020 07:54 | Rachel Jenner (Administrator)

Pull-tab Sales at Liquor Stores

Many gambling managers have the impression that because off-sale liquor stores may continue to sell pull-tabs at this time, and, per executive order, on-sale bars can now also sell off-sale beer and wine, that all bars may therefore sell pull-tabs.  However, that conclusion is incorrect.

Only bar and restaurant locations with an off-sale liquor license may conduct pull-tabs at this time – provided that the pull-tabs are conducted in a portion of a building with a separate entrance where on-site eating and drinking was not previously allowed. Although executive order temporarily allows bars with on-sale licenses to conduct some limited off-sale, very few locations have an actual off-sale license. Again, bars without an off-sale license and a separate entrance into an exclusively off-sale portion of the building are not allowed to sell pull-tabs.

Guidance for Reporting “Paused” Games

On Friday, November 20 organizations were allowed the option of “pausing” their pull-tab games in play rather than closing them. Pausing a game means that the organization may put that same game back into play once their premises reopens for on-site eating and drinking.  The proceeds from paused games must be deposited into the gambling account within 4 business days after the game was paused.  However, the game is not reported as closed on monthly reports until the game has been placed into play again and then removed from play.

Pausing games creates some unique reporting issues at month-end. The instructions below are meant to help your organization report paused games correctly so that your Profit Carryover Reconciliation, form LG100F, will balance.

There are three important numbers for an organization to remember when pausing their games; the amount of their cash bank for the games being paused, their deposit total, and the difference between those two numbers (which should be an indication of what the net receipts were for the games at the time they were paused).

Organizations should take the following steps:

  • Deposit all the cash from each site (“Deposit Total” in the examples below) into their gambling bank account.
  • On the LG100A, Lawful Gambling Receipts and Expenses per Site, reduce the starting cash bank amount for the games that are paused at the site to $0.
  • Report the difference amount from the starting cash bank and deposit total amounts on the LG100F line 14 (the difference amount can be positive or negative depending on the circumstance).
  • When re-opening a site, withdraw the same “Deposit Total” that they initially deposited and report the same cash bank amount that they had at the time the games were paused.

Click here for examples of how the reporting would work out depending on the starting cash banks as compared to the net receipts for each game. If you have questions, please contact your Compliance Auditor for assistance.

Continuing Education Opportunities

A new continuing education class on lawful purpose expenditures is now available by clicking on the following link: CE – Lawful Purpose Expenditures. It’s a video-based course presented by Nichole Engeswick, a Compliance Auditor working out of our Mankato office.  Participants will watch four videos with a total combined running time of about 40 minutes and answer a few questions at the end of each video.

In addition to the “Lawful Purpose Expenditures” class, on December 11, 2020 at 10:00 AM, Executive Director Matt Gettman will be presenting a live continuing education class that gambling managers can view on their computers. The class will cover a variety of topics of current interest and qualify for continuing education credit.

Prior to the webinar, participants will need to install Webex on their computers (click on the link to download) in order to register and view the course. Once you’ve installed Webex, click on this link to register: GCBCE 12-11-20. You will need to enter your organization name and license number. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the class at the appropriate time. The class is expected to last approximately 60 minutes.

Information on these and other continuing education classes is also available under the “Education” tab by  selecting the “Continuing Education” menu option.


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