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15 May 2020 08:31 | Rachel Jenner (Administrator)

On Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Governor Walz extended the bar/restaurant shutdown until June 1. Safety plans will need to be in place. No mention of whether capacity or other restrictions will be in effect. ACM has tried to support the decisions of both state and national leaders during this crisis. As we have said, there will plenty of time to critique later on. The only thing that we really know is that the longer the shutdown goes on more bars, restaurants and licensed gaming charities will not be able to survive.

Instructions for attending the Monday, May 18 GCB meeting below.

To Attend the 5/18/20 Board Meeting via WebEx:  Prior to the 10:00 meeting start time, call 1-855-282-6330.  At the prompt, enter meeting ID 962 390 018, followed by the # key.  You may be asked for extra information, but you may hit the # key again and you will be taken to the meeting.


To Participate in Public Comment at the 5/18/20 Board Meeting:  If you wish to provide public comment, please submit by 4:30 p.m. on May 14, 2020, your name, who you represent, and your comment to


I read in the paper on Tuesday (Star Tribune May 12, 2020 Section B) about the plight of the 9,000 non profits in Minnesota during the COVID crisis. As a group Minnesota non profits employ 385,000 people, which is 13% of the total Minnesota workforce. Licensed gaming charities employ thousands (was 10,000 a few years ago, not sure how the growth of bar ops has impacted that number). Licensed gaming charities average $7 million a month into our communities and missions through donations, and pay the state on average $8 million a month in taxes. I am not aware of how much the other 7,900 non-profits pay in taxes, but I would hazard a guess that nobody else comes close to paying what we do.

Our industry has received some unwarranted criticism recently around compensation.  It appears that our critics think nonprofit employees working for charitable gambling organizations do not deserve to be paid a fair wage.  What they don’t say is that the remaining 375,000 people that work for the other 7,900 non profits need to be treated the same. I would go out on limb and say that our average per hourly wage across all employees is well below the average of the other 7,900 non-profits.  It is all about fairness.

If the state said that anyone working for a non-profit must work for little to no compensation, as they want us to, I could respect that. Charitable gaming organizations make up only 12% of the total number of non profits in Minnesota. Saying that we are the only ones that should work for little to no pay is discriminatory. I have always believed that what was good for the goose was just as good for the gander.

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