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10 Apr 2020 15:48 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


Below is what ACM sent to the Gambling Control Board (GCB) yesterday in response to their account verification review issued on April 7. We have asked for an extension of the deadline to June 30, 2020. We were told yesterday that there had been discussion on our request, but no resolution.

I appreciate and understand your request for the information, but I think you underestimate the number of gambling managers that do not have access to their information during these uncertain times.  We do not want organizations to violate the Governor’s Shelter-in-place order, nor do we want our most vulnerable gambling managers to risk their health in order to comply with this request.  We appreciate that some organizations have and will be in a position to comply, but we ask that you provide additional time for those that cannot.  While the shelter-in-place order may expire May 4th, depending on circumstances existing at the time, there was no indication in the Governor’s press conference today that bars and restaurants will be permitted to reopen at that time.  So, establishing a deadline based on the uncertainties of a May 4th deadline is not realistic.  We request that you allow organizations to provide the requested information no later than June 30, 2020.  We hope and expect that sites will be back in operation by then and charities will be in a position to compile the information you have requested.  Extending the deadline will not change the information to be provided, as it will still tie out to the March or April return (depending on the last date of operation). 


Thanks for your consideration.  This is, as you can imagine, an important issue for our organizations.


Al Lund

This afternoon the GCB sent this out: Gambling Managers,

We understand that some of you have unique circumstances that may prevent your organization from complying with the April 20, 2020 deadline for submitting your March monthly reports (GCBreports LG100A, LG100C, and LG100F) or the items requested for our account verification reviews.  If so, please email your compliance specialist ( for assistance.

We believe that several hundred organizations would be in violation of the Governor’s stay at home executive order or of being required to do work while being laid off/furloughed. We encourage every organization that finds itself unable to meet the April 20 deadline for either their March return or the account verification review to contact their compliance specialist, asking for an extension.  We then need you to share what you are told with ACM.


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