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03 Jan 2020 10:20 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


Happy New Year to you all. 

I received three calls yesterday from licensed organizations in regards to electronic POS systems logging out in five minutes if there is no activity. Below is the rule that covers this. We are told that the electronic manufacturers had not been in compliance and the GCB has recently told them that they needed to be.

I had one organization tell me that a seller of theirs needed to log in 25 times during a recent shift. 

We have spoken to the GCB about this, but they need to hear directly from you if you think that this is not a reasonable rule. The GCB can be reached at 651-539-1900.

The GCB has replied to the Tribal Petition regarding electronic pull tab games. Their responses can be read on the ACM website at   The GCB believes that they did not exceed their authority in this case. Further developments will be posted on the ACM website as they become available.


Subp. 27. System access; password requirements.

A. The manufacturer must maintain password access for the manufacturer; the distributor must maintain password access for the distributor; and the organization must maintain password access for the gambling manager and sellers.

B. The operating system software and application software must have multiple security access levels to control and restrict different classes of access to the system. The accounts for the access levels must be unique when assigned to the authorized personnel and only one user per account is allowed.

C. The manufacturer, the distributor, and the organization must register employees and volunteers with authorized system access with the board.

D. The operating system software and application software must provide comprehensive password security or other secure means of ensuring data integrity and enforcing user permission. It is required that:….

(4) the password must have a length of at least six alphanumeric characters; and

(5) the system must automatically log out after a period of inactivity in excess of five minutes.



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