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13 Dec 2019 06:09 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


Thank you again to all who attended the Rochester convention. In 2020 we are in Duluth November 19 – 21.

The FY2019 GCB Annual Report is out. Here a link to the report

FY19 sales grew by $330 million. We got an additional $6.7 million (8.7% increase) to the bottom line for community and mission.

Taxes/fees were up $14.7 million (18% increase).

Revenue share on electronics was up $10 million (62% increase).  

Rent/Bar Op dollars were up $5 million (16% increase).

Payout across all forms increased from 84.2% to 84.6%.

Payout on paper tabs increased from 84.9% to 85.2%.

Payout on e-tabs increased from 85.7% to 85.8%.

Overall profit per dollar wagered decreased from 3.9 cents to 3.6 cents (8% decline).

On the $330 million increase in sales we netted 2 cents per dollar wagered.  

On December 3, 2019, the Shakopee Tribe filed an action with the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings asking an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to issue a cease and desist order against the Gambling Control Board prohibiting it from approving any electronic pull tab games that allow a single button or swipe to open all the tabs.  The petition also asks that any such games previously approved be disallowed.  The Petition is based on the claim that Minn. Stat. 349.12(b)(3) requires each line to be opened separately (“a player must activate or open each electronic pull-tab ticket and each individual line, row, or column of each electronic pull-tab ticket”).


The petition has been filed under a provision of law that allows a party to challenge the enforcement or implementation of an “unadopted rule.” The Tribe argues that initially, the Board approved electronic pull tab games that met the statutory language.  But in 2015, without any notice to the public or formal rulemaking, the Board adopted a new “policy”(an unadopted rule) to permit “one-swipe” games. The GCB has ten business days to respond to the petition. We will keep you informed of any further developments. The petition can be viewed on the ACM website

I cannot believe that another year is almost gone. Thank you again for all that you do for your community, mission and organization. You truly make a difference. Be proud of that.


Al Lund

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