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18 Jul 2019 17:52 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


Several items to catch you up on.

Please see the attached for the obituary of Louis Karsnia, ACM board member. Louis was a strong advocate for charities. He understood better than most the pressures that charities are under to deliver on their missions. He will be missed. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Please see the attached for the May return of the Osseo Lions, of which I am a member. In May on $412,000 in sales we got $1,290 to the bottom line. We paid the state $20,600, the bar $4,600 and our electronic revenue share was $8,000. We made one third of a penny on every dollar wagered while the state made a nickel on every dollar wagered, which is sixteen times what we made. Our expenses are well below the state average yet after paying them we were required to send the state 78% of what remained.

I wrote to both my state senator and state representative on this matter asking for their help and support.

This year the Osseo Lions have had months where we lost money and have also been on the bottom rung of the profit ladder. These are not positive signs for charitable gaming, but are omens of what lies ahead for all charities with no changes. Osseo Lions are a charity with one site which we share with another charity. We are not a mega charity that we keep hearing about that are supposedly rolling in dough. Our system is broken and it needs to be fixed to continue.

Lastly, an update on the search for a new executive director of the Gambling Control Board. I wanted you to know that after discussion with Rich Jaranson, ACM President, I applied for and was interviewed by GCB board members for the position.

The GCB at their July board meeting this past Monday informed those in attendance that interviews have concluded and that it has forwarded names to the Governor for his consideration. My name was not forwarded to the Governor for consideration.

The GCB said that the Governor will be conducting final interviews in August and we can expect an appointment in late August.

I applied for a couple of reasons. I believed that it was important to have at least one candidate that had walked in your shoes. Someone who had lost sleep wondering if I would be able to make payroll or pay taxes. I understand what you are faced with on a daily basis, how important your work is and how little credit you are given for your efforts.

I also believe that I understand charitable gaming as well as most everyone in the state and am capable of doing the job. Having someone who can explain to the Governor what is wrong with the system today would be a good thing.

My fervent hope is that whomever the Governor appoints, that they will strive to understand the whole picture and not just the story that our detractors tell.





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