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13 Mar 2019 11:17 | Rachel Jenner (Administrator)


Folks, this session may be our last chance to get legislators to see that the path that charities are currently on is not one that can be sustained long term. In the past six years the number of charities that pay more to the state than they have for their communities and missions has tripled (110 to 340). On a dollar wagered basis our ability to serve has been cut by a third (from 5.0 cents to 3.5 cents).

In January my Osseo Lions lost $2,300 conducting charitable gaming while paying the state $19,000 in taxes. Every one of the nine months that the Osseo Lions are paying the 36% (we have only one site that we share with another charity) we are hoping to have enough to pay the bills, pay the taxes and have a few dollars to help those that are really in need. Our reason for being, helping those in need is all but gone.

In the Senate, our tax bills are where they need to be, all being up for possible inclusion in an omnibus tax bill. In the House our tax bills are in the House Tax committee. I believe that those bills (HF69, HF293 and HF294) will be heard, but your representative needs to hear from you, your organization members and the groups that benefit from your work how important relief is.

Those of you that are not yet paying the 36% can help those that are. Remember, six years ago only a hundred of us were upside down. If the trend continues (which it is guaranteed to do if nothing is done), by 2025 all of us but one hundred will be upside down and our penny profit will be below 2 cents per dollar wagered.

Attached is a roster of the Minnesota House of Representatives with their office number (all have offices in the State Office Building) and phone number. Most of them can be e-mailed using their full name such as ( Find out who represents you at

A reminder that next Monday, March 18 is ACM’s legislative reception at the Best Western Plus Capitol Ridge (161 Saint Anthony Ave. St. Paul, MN 55103) in St. Paul from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. All state senators and representative have been invited. Come to show your support of our efforts to get tax relief. See attached flyer.


Al Lund

Executive Director

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