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01 Mar 2019 13:17 | Rachel Jenner (Administrator)


Today HF69, HF293, HF294 and HF356 were heard in the House Commerce committee. HF69 exempts our donations and is authored by Rep. Dettmer. HF293 would reduce the combined receipt rates to 6/12/18/24% and is authored by Rep. Lien. HF294 would exempt paper games and electronic revenue share from the sales tax and is authored by Rep. Dettmer. HF356 would authorize an electronic table to accompany the electronic tri-wheel approved in 2012 and is authored by Rep. Lien. Many thanks to these two representatives (from opposite sides of the aisle) that want to help ensure that we are around for a long time to come.

HF69, HF293 and HF294 were referred to the House Tax committee. That is exactly what we needed to happen. There are no deadlines on tax bills. We will work to have them heard in taxes soon.

HF356 was held over for possible inclusion in an omnibus policy bill. Stand alone gambling bills are rarely voted on in committee and forwarded for a floor vote as they are targets for amendments that have no bearing on the original bill.

Testifying on behalf of the bills today were Amanda Jackson-Spring Lake Park Lions, Glen Jenkins-St. Paul Fire, Susie Normandin-Hopkins Raspberry Festival, Rachel Jenner-Destination Education, Tom Deegan-NE Lions, Mark Kurth-Lexington Fire, Gerald Smith-Mendota VFW and Jim Probst-South Robert Street Business Association. It meant a lot to have them speaking directly to what these bills would mean for their organizations. Thank you all!

There are still those that want legislators to believe that only a few of us pay the majority of the taxes. The statistic that stands out to me is that in FY2013 9% (110 of 1200) of us were upside down, contributing more to the state than we had for our communities and missions. In FY2018 that number was 30% (340 of 1144). My Lions group is a member of the upside down club. We are one of those “MEGA” charities that those that seek to keep the status quo on confiscatory tax policy speak of. We have one site and we share that site with another licensed charity! To those 340 organizations that are upside down, our Independence Day comes after July 4 as we work for more than half the year for the state. The number of organizations in the club will surely grow in FY2019. There is no charity that pays more to the state than they have for their community and mission that thinks that the current system is fair and equitable.




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