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08/16/2018 Update

16 Aug 2018 06:57 | Rachel Jenner (Administrator)


Peace.  What a beautiful word. The dictionary says that it is a time free from disturbance, a period of quiet and tranquility. Something that I think that all of us can agree is a worthy goal.

The years 30 BC to 250 AD became known as Pax Romana or Roman Peace.  A great time if you were a part of the Roman ruling class, but not so much if you weren’t. Anyone disagreeing with Roman law was dealt with swiftly and severely.  There was no debate or exchange of ideas. It was really peace at all cost.   

I am sure that there were non-Romans who attempted to quiet the early Christians who were spreading the good word.  Don’t you see that you are only making trouble for us?  Better to keep quiet than to risk harm from those in charge.  We may not have as much as we once had, but at least we have something. 

Just this week ACM was reminded that for profit gambling is conducted by bars in other states; the apparent inference being that what the state gives the state can take away. 

We are rapidly descending to the bottom run of the profit ladder.  I am now hearing from charities and for-profit entities that ACM rabble rousing is only getting charities in trouble; better to be silent and have something for the needy than to get it taken away from us and have nothing.

If we thought for one second that those profiting from our labors would one day say that they are satisfied with their profits ACM would not be as ardent of a critic.   

Charity was the reason for our being.  It no longer seems to be so.

Do not let “peace at all cost” become the mantra for today.  Talk to your legislators, talk to those in need about what is happening to your mission dollars.  Silence is not the answer, action is.


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