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10 Apr 2018 11:08 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


Attached please find a letter that I sent to Senator Kiffmeyer in regards to SF1402.  She is the chair of the Senate State Government Finance and Policy Committee.

Owners of the two largest Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) organizations (DraftKings and FanDuel) include major league sports owners and professional sports leagues themselves.

Little used rules and procedural moves at the legislature have been used to position these bills for committee hearings and floor votes. 

These bills in their current form would legalize DFS with almost no regulation and little oversight.  They also make no provisions for the taxing of for profit DFS vendors, other than the presumed corporate tax.

My instincts are telling me that there is more to this than meets the eye.  Sports book legislation in draft form is out there and the two major for profit DFS players are looking to be the drivers of sports book if the Supreme Court strikes down the sports book ban.  There is too much being done for these two bills to believe otherwise.   

Removal of the federal ban would be great for our sports themed tip boards, but I believe bad for us overall.  I am told that the NBA (a DFS co-owner) says that any sports book legislation must include their cut of the proceeds from the states plus it needs to be in app form.  24/7/365 legal gambling all within easy reach.  No need to actually go anywhere to gamble.  What can possibly go wrong?

Charitable gaming is not anti competition.  We are anti unfair competition.  If billionaire owner companies that have no skin in benefiting Minnesota or its citizens are able to come in without any real regulation or taxation it will be a very sad day indeed.

We have no money, but we still have our voices and votes. 

You need to contact your legislators and tell them that no more keys to the state are to be handed over until charitable gaming is taken care of.  Our confiscatory tax structure needs to be fixed prior to further enriching those that do not really need our help.  Legislators need to stop HF1415 and SF1402 before it is too late.  Also, any bills dealing with DFS or sports book need to have regulation/oversight/taxation similar to charitable gaming.   

Senator Kiffmeyer04092018.pdf

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