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05 Dec 2017 08:52 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


ACM has been asked repeatedly about organizing a work stoppage/boycott.

We have been advised by counsel that even discussing such an idea can be viewed by authorities as a violation of the Sherman anti-trust act as a restriction of trade.

If found guilty of violating the act penalties can be severe: Sherman Act Penalties

ACM is NOT recommending a work stoppage/boycott.  ACM only wanted to know what all issues regarding a work stoppage/boycott would be for participating charities.  ACM wants no member organization or organization member to put themselves in jeopardy of fines or jail.

We have contacted counsel that specializes in anti-trust law.  We will keep you informed of developments as they occur.

It may be argued by the state that since we now pay more in taxes/fees than we have for communities/missions we are a de facto agent of government, critical to the operation of government and can no longer determine our own destiny.  

An important question to answer will be: Can charities be forced by government to continue to operate (as in paying for a stadium), even though they may no longer be making what they consider reasonable for their communities/missions?   

ACM is recommending that as of now you or your charity do not discuss or participate in a work stoppage/boycott.


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