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Bingo Hot Ball Prize Clarification

04 Jun 2015 12:20 | Rachel Jenner (Administrator)
In the 2015 Legislation that was passed was the option for a charity to offer a "Hot Ball Bingo Prize".  With the help of Chris Mau from the Gambling Control Board, below is how Hot Ball works.

Hot Ball Bingo Prize:

An additional incentive for a bingo player paid for by the charity.

A Hot Ball bingo number can be drawn (B1-O75) at the start of each bingo session or drawn and designated as the Hot Ball bingo number by the charity at the implementation of using the Hot Ball Bingo Prize and can then be used for all subsequent Bingo Sessions.  

If anyone gets a confirmed bingo on the designated number during a session they win the prize.  Multiple confirmed winners would split the prize.  

The prize can be up to $500 and is seeded by the charity.  There can be no charge for players to participate in the Hot Ball Bingo Prize and all players are eligible for the prize.  

The Hot Ball Bingo Prize number must be announced at the start of each Bingo Session.

An organization could offer a hot ball prize on only special occasions.  An organization does not have to wait for the hot ball prize to be won before discontinuing the prize.  

A charity must include the use of a Hot Ball Bingo Prize in their organization bingo program.  Sharing with your GCB compliance person a change in your program is always a good idea, though not required.  

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