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Charitable Gambling bills introduced this session

04 Feb 2021 13:42 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


Below are the 2021 Legislative session charitable gambling bills to date. You can find a copy of all bills at the ACM website under the NEWS tab at If you wish to bring any of the bills to the attention of your state legislators, and you do not know who represents you, you can find out who represents you at

SF63/HF184 Authors (Senator Housley, Representatives Dettmer, Gruenhagen, Hamilton, Erickson, Theis). This bill would exempt sales tax on the lease or purchase of gambling equipment.

SF0063-0.pdf HF0184.0.pdf

SF195/HF142 Authors (Senators Anderson, Kiffmeyer, Representatives Dettmer , Gruenhagen, Hamilton, Erickson, Theis, Boe, Lueck). This bill would lower the combined receipt tax to 6/12/18/24% from the current 9/18/27/36%. The dollar triggers would remain the same ($0-$87,500/$87,500-$122,500/$122,500-$157,500/$157,500+).

SF0195-0.pdf HF0142.0.pdf

SF196/HF140 Authors (Senators Anderson, Kiffmeyer, Representatives Dettmer, Gruenhagen, Hamilton, Erickson, Theis, Boe, Koznick, Lueck). This bill would exempt lawful purpose donations (A codes 1-7, 9-26) from the gambling tax.

SF0196-0.pdf HF0140.0.pdf

SF197/HF143 Authors (Senators Anderson, Kiffmeyer, Representatives Dettmer, Gruenhagen, Hamilton, Erickson, Theis). This bill would remove the requirement of the outside annual audit ($750,000 in sales or greater). CPA audits of any licensed organization can be required by MNDOR when red flags are raised (late filing, late payments, fraudulent returns, failed to take corrective action, failure to comply).

SF0197-0.pdf HF0143.0.pdf

SF267/HF811 Authors (Senators Koran, Hoffman, Representative Dettmer). This bill would require an electronic manufacturer to sell to all who want to carry their product.

SF0267-0.pdf HF0811-0.pdf

SF368/HF96 Authors (Senators Ruud, Chamberlain, Koran, Dornink, Draheim, Representative Lueck). This bill would reduce the net receipt tax from 8.5% to 4.25% and reduce the combined receipts tax to 4.5% on the first $200,000 combined net receipts, 9% on $200,000 to $500,000 combined net receipts and 13.5% over $500,000 net receipts.

SF0368-0.pdf HF0096-0.pdf

SF391/HF531 Authors (Senator Housley, Representative Nash). This bill would allow a check or debit card for be used for the purchasing of raffle tickets over the phone.

SF0391-0.pdf HF0531.0.pdf

SF458/HF564 Authors (Senators Lang, Duckworth, Housley, Anderson, Kiffmeyer, Representatives Dettmer, Urdahl, Erickson). This bill would allow licensed veteran post to spend up to 50% of their annual gross profits on the repair, maintenance or improvement of real property and capital assets each year through July 1, 2031. The current limit is 5%.

SF0458-0.pdf HF0564.0.pdf

SF746/HF898 Authors (Senator Koran, Representative Huot). This bill would change the star rating system. Taxes and fees would no longer be factored into the ranking. Donations (A1-A7, A9-A17, and A19-A26) would be divided into expenses. Any organization who has more than $750,000 in annual sales and has less than 20% of donations divided by expenses will be placed on probation for one year. If still on probation at the end of one year the organization may face a license suspension or fine. ACM is opposed to this bill if not tied to tax relief. Our projection is that it will at least double the organizations being placed on probation.

SF0746-0.pdf HF0898.0.pdf

SF756/HF897 Authors (Senator Koran, Representative Huot). This bill allows a GCB board member to continue holding office on the GCB board until a successor is appointed.

SF0756-0.pdf HF0897.0.pdf

SF1322 Author (Senator Nelson). This bill would cut the combined receipt rates to 8/16/24/32%. It would change the star rating system to require an organization expend a minimum of 40% on LPE (All A Codes) to not be considered for probation.


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