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Legislative Update: 

2020 Legislation:

HF3550.0.pdf  SF3459-0.pdf All State mandates moved to LPE ACM sponsored.

HF3469.0.pdf SF3428-0.pdf 30 Day cooling off period ACM sponsored.

SF3273-0.pdf HF3126.0.pdf GCB bill requiring electronic copy of outside annual audit.

SF3407-0.pdf Stadium fund payoff.

SF3533-0.pdf 2020 Senator Chamberlain Tax bill.

SF3628-0.pdf HF4148.0.pdf Raises the annual external audit trigger from the current $750,000 to $1,250,000

All tax bills from the 2019 Legislative session are still in play.

2019 Legislation:

Bills relating to electronic tri-wheel table:

2019HF0356-0triwheeltable.pdf 2019SF0512-0triwheeltable.pdf

Bills relating to combined receipt rate reductions: 

2019HF0293-0combinedreceiptratereduction.pdf 2019SF0371-0ratereduction612182401202019.pdf 

2019HF0081-0ratereduction.pdf  2019SF0549-0combinedreceiptratereduction.pdf


2019SF0876-0ratereduction.pdf 2019HF0722-0ratereduction.pdf

Bills relating to non taxation of our donations:

2019HF0069-0donationexemption.pdf 2019SF0219donationsexemptfromgamblingtax.pdf

2019HF1027-0exemptsdonations.pdf 2019SF0414-0.pdf

Bills relating to repeal of sales taxes on paper games/electronic revenue sharing:

2019HF0294-0saletaxrepeal.pdf 2019SF0437-0salestaxrepeal.pdf


Bills relating to changing the external audit calculation:

2019HF0310-0externalauditrevision.pdf 2019SF0435-0externalaudits.pdf

Bills relating to changing star ratings


Listed Below are the 2019/2020 members of the MN Senate, MN House, House/Senate Tax Committee members and House/Senate Gambling Policy Committee members.






Find out who represents you at

2018 Legislation:

How to find out and contact your legislators:

Reduction of combined receipt rates to 6%, 12%, 18% and 27%.  SF3429-0crbrackets.pdf

Reduction of star rating probation from 30% to 20%.  SF3428-0starrating.pdf

HF3684 For determining whether a gaming charity is a large or small employer our income is sales minus prizes, not sales. HF3684-0employersize.pdf  SF3395-0smalllargecalc.pdf

HF3558 Reduction in storage from 3 1/2 years to 3 years HF3558-0storagereduction2018.pdf

HF3511: Tri Wheel table bill HF3511-0tablebill2018.pdf  SF3464-0table.pdf

HF3384: Sales tax exemption.  HF3384-0salestaxexemption.pdf  SF3384-0salestax.pdf

SF2524: SF2524-0.pdf HF3018-0.pdf This is the study/commission to study the taxation of charitable gaming.  Contact your legislators asking for their support.

2018 Legislative Reception Info and Invite: 2018legreceptionboth.pdf  Ask your legislator to attend, even if you cannot.  Being asked by a constituent is far more important than being asked by ACM (which they have been).

2018donationexemptionbillLS90-HF0226.pdf  This bill along with its Senate companion SF419 would exempt our donations from the gambling tax.  

SF1069 is a clone bill of SF419.  We are being told by the Senate that SF1069 will be the bill number moving forward.  We should be heard in Senate Taxes the week of 2/26.


Audio of the 02/08/2017 House Commerce Committee hearing on HF226.  Representative Dettmer, myself, Nancy Immel from the Forest Lake Lions and Al Hauge of the Forest Lake Athletic Association are the testifiers.  We start at 5 minutes.

This might be the most important thing you do this year on behalf of your charitable organization. Yes, what I'm asking of you is THAT important. On Wednesday, the Community Vitality Investment Act will receive its first legislative hearing. The bills (HF 226 in the House of Representatives and SF 419 in the Senate) would bring some fairness to how our charitable contributions are taxed.

Right now, charitable gaming organizations are the only entities in the state that provide good and services and are NOT able to deduct donations from their taxable income. Think about that. Our organizations exist only to invest in making our communities safer and better places in which to live and work. Yet, we alone are singled out under the state's tax code and required to pay taxes on charitable contributions. Legislators need to hear directly from YOU and the beneficiaries of your charitable contributions. Send an email, make a phone call or write a letter to your legislators (you can find out who represents you here -- ) and let them know how vital this legislation is to your community's vitality. 

Most importantly, let your legislator know what your organization does. Provide some examples of what your charitable contributions have meant to your community and the things that high taxes are preventing you from doing. Provide real-life examples.

Here are some other facts to share:

·         Charities now pay more than $1 million a week in taxes to the state on their charitable gaming operations – nearly $56 million in Fiscal Year 2016.

·         The legislation does NOT change current tax rates on charitable gaming organizations – rates that now average about 22 percent and is up to 7 times higher than for-profit organizations.

·         The change in law proposed under the legislation would only affect taxes imposed on charitable contributions. If successful, the legislation would give charities about $16 million more to invest in their communities, based on FY 16 revenue and contributions. Let your legislators know what the tax

It is essential that you contact your legislator today. Let him or her know how critical this legislation is savings could be invested in your community.  to your organization and your community. Be sure to reference the bill numbers (HF 226 when you are writing to a member of the House of Representatives and SF 419 when writing to a Senator. 

Materials for making legislative contacts:

2017 Tax Relief House Bill HF0226.0.pdf

2017 Tax Relief Senate Bill 2017SF0419.pdf

We have our House file number and the Senate file number for the Community Vitality Investment Act. It is HF226.  This bill is a matter of fairness and common sense. It makes our donations exempt from the state gambling tax, giving us more to invest in our missions and our communities. 

Contact your Representative and ask them to sign onto the bill.  In the House every Representative can sign onto a bill.  Contact your Senator and ask them to support the bill.  In the Senate only six Senators can sign on to a bill.  ACM will handle that.  You can find out who represents you at

How important is it that you educate your legislators? Earlier this week, we sent the Star Tribune opinion article ( to all members of the state legislature. We heard back from several members that they already knew about the legislation and wanted to co-sponsor it BECAUSE they heard from a charitable organization in their community. 

We have a long way to go; we are hearing that there is a possibility that the legislature will pick up the tax bill from last session that did not get passed.  Tax relief for all charitable gaming was not in that bill.  We need to make sure that we are all in any tax bill passed this year.  And that won't happen if legislators don't hear from you. Your voice and your voice alone can provide legislators with the understanding they need of just how much you are doing for your communities and how valuable it would be to be able to make your contributions without also having to pay taxes on the donation. 

Educate your Representative on the importance of charitable gaming in your community, what the extra dollars would mean to your community and what is not getting done in your community today because of the money you are sending into state government. 





2017 Dear Legislator.docx

Updated directory: elecdir16 (1).pdf

Election Results. Elections are over and there is going to be a new crop of legislators to get to know.  I have already had calls regarding how people think that getting tax relief will be easier this coming year.  Ray Bohn (ACM contract lobbyist) reminds me that there was the exact same situation years ago and we got no relief.  I am hearing from legislators that they are not hearing from their constituents on our tax issue and are wondering aloud just how important tax relief is to us.  Use the attached to see who is representing you in 2017.  Call or e-mail your newly elected state senator and legislator.  Congratulate them on their election and tell them that after the dust settles that you would like to talk to them about our current tax structure. We will have a tax relief bill next year, but without input from you it will not be important to legislators.  




2017 Legislative Reception: 2017 SAVE THE DATE.pdf

2016 ACM Policy Bill: 2016HF3102.0.pdf

2015/2016 State Representative and Senator roster: 20152016statehouseandsenatememroster.pdf

2015Policybillfrom2014LS89-SF0229.pdf  This is the Senate version of the bill vetoed by Governor Dayton in 2014.  We are bringing it back exactly as it was vetoed.  We are up in the state and local government committee on Monday, February 2.   Our bill in the Senate is out of the State and Local government committee and is being heard in State Department Finance committee on 2/11.  Bill was passed out of State Department Finance to the full Finance committee.  To be heard the week of 2/16.

2015 legislation LS89-HF0374.pdf  This is the House version of the bill vetoed by Governor Dayton in 2014.  We are bringing it back exactly as it was vetoed.  We were passed out of the commerce committee and are now in the finance committee.  We anticipate that we will go directly to the floor of the house from the finance committee.  Once on the floor, we will need to all be contacting our representatives and asking them to support the bill.  We are now out of finance and have been sent to house ways and means. To be heard the week of 2/16.

2003 Legislative Summary.pdf

2004 Legislative Summary.pdf

2005 Legislative Summary.pdf

2006 Legislative Summary.pdf

2007 Legislative Summary.pdf

2008 Legislative Summary.pdf

2009 Legislative Summary.pdf

2010 Legislative Update.pdf

2011 Legislative Summary.pdf

2012 Legislative Summary.pdf

Legislative Update 5-23-13.pdf

2014 Summary 6-2-14.pdf

2015 Legislative Summary (2).pdf

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